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Fully Outsourced Hotel Housekeeping Solutions

Universal Clean’s hotel housekeeping services can be tailored to your exact requirements and scaled according to your needs.  We’ll plan, organise, manage and deliver a daily cleaning schedule that will provide tidy, fresh and well-presented rooms with exceptional levels of cleanliness for an outstanding guest experience.

– Hotel Housekeeping Adelaide

Hotel Housekeeping – Where Every Detail Matters

The hotel housekeeping team at Universal Clean are absolute sticklers for quality and when we’re looking after your hotel cleaning every detail matters.  We go beyond beautiful shiny surfaces and crisp clean bedding when training our staff.  Image and presentation are critical and all our staff wear smart clean uniforms, have a can-do attitude and provide service with a smile.

Complete Hotel Housekeeping & Specialist Cleaning Services

From daily hotel housekeeping to periodicals like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning and tile cleaning, Universal Clean has all the passion, skills and equipment in-house to provide quality cleaning solutions for all your hotel cleaning requirements.

Expert Training, Management & Supervision

Universal Clean specialise in hotel housekeeping for 4 and 5-star hotels.  Our unrivalled quality and consistency are obtained because of our hands-on management, intensive staff training, excellent supervision and cleaning innovations. We sign off on every departure room, every day, so you can trust us to maintain unrivalled quality and guest service.

Safe & Compliant Hotel Housekeeping

We invest in our hotel housekeepers’ training and support their career aspirations which is why we have a large team of highly experienced and loyal hotel cleaners.   Universal Clean meet or exceed all of the safe work standards and labour-hire laws to deliver a professional and reliable housekeeping service.

Hotel Housekeeping With No Lock-In Contracts

Universal Clean provide flexible hotel housekeeping contracts.  We don’t lock you into long term contracts as we like to let our results speak for themselves.  We take great pride in consistently delivering outstanding cleaning outcomes which is why many clients ask us to sign annual contracts, so they know they’ll have a stress free and reliable cleaning service.

– Hotel Housekeeping Adelaide

Innovative Hotel Housekeeping Solutions

We like to think outside of the box to deliver efficient and effective hotel housekeeping solutions.  We invest in all the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our teams can always exceed your guest service expectations whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

AI-Powered Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners (LINK TO THIS SECTION)

To increase efficiency whilst maintaining unrivalled service levels we include AI (artificial intelligence) powered autonomous vacuum cleaners free of charge on all our large cleaning contracts.  This enables us to deliver higher frequency cleaning of corridors and public spaces, whilst freeing up our housekeepers to attend to more in-depth cleaning of guest rooms and facilities. 

Whizz – Increased Efficiency & Visibility For Cleaning Standards

Whizz is a real draw for hotel guests who love to see it perform, in fact, we think this is the most Instagrammable vacuum ever.  These self-driven vacuums send a fun and highly visible message to guests about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in your hotel.

Massive efficiency savings

Cleans up to 500 square metres an hour

Floor to air cleaning

HEPA filter removes 99.9% of pathogens on the floor and in the air

Optimum Cleaning

AI optimises the cleaning route


Automatically avoids people, obstacles, stairs and other safety hazards

COVID Killer

Can be used with a special attachment that will trap and kill DNA pathogens including Covid 19, bacteria, virus, fungi and mould for fully sanitised floors and purified air.

– Covid Housekeeping

Covid Compliant Housekeeping Services

The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of high-quality cleaning standards in all hotels and public spaces as a means of preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Daily Cleaning For COVID 19 Prevention

Our hotel housekeepers use specialist cleaning chemicals that kill COVID 19, bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in all their daily cleaning duties.  We clean all high touch point areas such as door handles, light switches, handrails, lift buttons etc with a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills covid 19 within seconds of being applied.

COVID Decontamination Services

Should a guest in the hotel become infected with Covid 19, Universal Clean can provide a COVID sanitisation service.  We can quickly and easily decontaminate guest rooms and communal areas using a fogging machine or OHAir mobile decontamination unit  so your rooms can be quickly returned to service with minimal disruption.