Specialist Cleaning Services

Specialist Commercial & Hotel Cleaning Services

Universal Clean is committed to providing stress-free and easy hotel housekeeping and cleaning solutions.  We’re easy to deal with, hands-on and we like to take the stress out of hotel and facilities management with unrivalled quality and personal service.  We offer a range of deep cleaning and periodic cleaning services to rejuvenate and restore your floors and facilities.

Periodic & Deep Cleaning Services

The floor coverings in your hotel, hospitality venue or corporate offices take a real battering and even with regular cleaning, spills, dirt and grime can build up over time to dull your floors.  When defining the scope of your commercial or hotel cleaning project, we can build in periodical cleaning services to ensure we always keep your facilities looking at their best.

Protecting Your Investment & Enhancing Your Image

Regular deep cleaning of tiles, carpets and upholstery not only rejuvenates and enhances the overall aesthetic of a venue but also extends the life of your assets to ensure a great return on your investment.  You’ll find our specialist cleaning services competitively priced (up to 50% less than our competitors) because we have all the equipment and expertise in-house, so we don’t need to sub-contract these services out.

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Hotel & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Universal Clean offers two types of carpet cleaning for hotels, hospitality and commercial venues – Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and encapsulation cleaning.  Our team can help and advise you on the best cleaning method to suit your venue and carpet type.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the best method for deep cleaning carpets.  Steam penetrates deep into the pile to loosen and release dirt and debris that has bonded to the carpet fibres. And the high water temperature disinfects the carpet killing bacteria, odours, germs, fungi and allergens for the ultimate in deep cleaning and sanitation.

Steam cleaning can totally transform dull and faded carpets, to look bright fresh and new.  For professional results, we use a three-step carpet cleaning process

  1. Spot Stain Removal – to remove and release heavy stains
  2. Pre-Spray Detergent – to penetrate the carpet fibres and release worn in dirt
  3. Steam Extraction – pressurised hot water is injected through the carpet fibres to trap and collect the dirt which is immediately vacuum extracted

Steam cleaning is great for carpets and upholstery and once cleaned we can also apply deodorisers and protective treatments if required.  Carpets can be left slightly damp after cleaning and may require 3 to 5 hours of drying time before they can be returned to service.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is ideal for hotels and venues that are in constant use as the carpets can be returned to service within an hour.  The carpet is sprayed with encapsulating chemicals and then a low-speed rotary pad is used to massage the cleaning agent deep into the carpet pile. The encapsulating chemicals absorb and crystallise the dirt which is then vacuumed up leaving the carpets fresh and clean.

Before and After Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rejuvenate your hard floors

Tiled floors are a fantastic and hardwearing floorcovering for hotel entrances, foyers and corporate environments.  However, even with regular cleaning dirt and grime can accumulate in the grout lines and cause a haze over the surface of the tiles making the floors appear dirty.

Our specialist tile and grout cleaning machines use high-pressure water jets, scrubbers, and vacuum extraction to deep clean the tiles and grout lines for lighter and brighter floors.  This fast and effective deep cleaning solution leaves tiled floors sanitised, fresh, sparkling clean and trafficable within minutes of cleaning.

– Hotel and Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Toilet Deep Cleaning

Managing Public Toilets

Public toilets are amongst the most important and most difficult areas to maintain in hotels, hospitality and commercial properties. They are often neglected because clients do not fully understand what is required to maintain good hygiene standards.  Smelly or poorly maintained toilets are often a deal-breaker for clients who just won’t accept poor hygiene standards in bathrooms. 

Universal clean provide a full deep cleaning service for bathrooms which includes cleaning and disinfecting sinks and toilet bowls, stain removal, deep cleaning and scrubbing of tiles and grout along with drain cleaning for the removal of nasty odours. 

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Building Maintenance

Having a regular window cleaning program is a critical part of building maintenance.  Regular window cleaning helps prevent mineral build-up and protects the glass from degradation. Glass that is not cleaned and maintained can lead to permanent and irreversible damage to the windows.

High & Low Rise buildings

Universal Clean provides all types of commercial window cleaning from traditional sponge and squeegee to de-ionised water cleaning systems we’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Our window cleaners can cater for all building types from single storey sites to high rise commercial buildings we’ve got all the equipment and expertise to keep your windows bright and clean.

Our window cleaning team is certified and insured to work at heights.  Plus, for your peace of mind, we also supply detailed safe work method statements and risk assessments prior to the commencement of our work.