Covid 19 Cleaners

Covid 19 Hotel & Commercial Cleaners

Our hotel and commercial cleaners provided a range of COVID 19 cleaning services for hotels, offices, hospitality venues, schools, and universities throughout the COVID pandemic.  We have a range of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) approved hospital-grade disinfectants and other specialist cleaning equipment that can quickly kill COVID 19, viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould both on the surface and in the air.

Daily Cleaning Helping To Prevent The Spread Of COVID 19

Our hotel and corporate cleaning teams are trained in covid cleaning and best practice in how to stop the transmission of infectious diseases.   We use specialist cleaning chemicals and have colour coded cleaning equipment for specific tasks and areas, to prevent cross-contamination. 


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High Touchpoint Areas

Whilst the introduction of strategically placed hand sanitiser can dramatically help reduce the spread of infectious disease, we like to add an extra layer of defence by thoroughly cleaning and sanitising high touch point areas.  High touchpoint areas are things like taps, light switches, door handles, lift buttons and stair rails that multiple people touch and use throughout the day. 

Regular Disinfection & Sanitisation

Our team use hospital grade disinfectant when cleaning high touch areas.  The disinfectant kills 99.9% of all pathogens including COVID 19 and leaves surfaces fresh, sterile and hygienic.

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Covid 19 – Daily Cleaning Innovations

Universal Clean always stay at the forefront of commercial cleaning technology and have invested in specialist equipment to help kill COVID on surfaces and decontaminate and purify the air.

UV-C Sterilisation Technology

We have invested in the latest UV-C cleaning technology from GERMii to ensure your hotel and commercial premises is fully sanitised.  UV-C light kills COVID 19, germs and all pathogens within a second of exposure and is a safe, fast and chemical-free way to fully disinfect and sterilise surfaces.

Handheld UV -C Sabres

Our corporate and hotel cleaning teams have access to hand-held UV-C sabres complete with a portable battery.  These mobile wand devices can be passed over any surface to kill all known pathogens including COVID-19 with a single pass.  Sabres are ideal for workstations, desks and are safe to use on keyboards, laptops and electronics.

AI Autonomous Vacuums with UV-C Attachment

Universal Clean supplies AI autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners free of charge on all our large commercial and hotel housekeeping contracts.  These vacuums can be fitted with a special attachment that emits UVC light directly over the floor to instantly kill COVID 19 and all other pathogens to leave the surface sterile and disinfected. 

Floor to Air Sterilisation

The specialist UV-C attachment allows for floor to air sanitisation in hotels and commercial properties.  The vacuum sucks in air which is then passed through a HEPA filter and channelled through a low-pressure chamber where it is irradiated with UV-C light.  Exposure to UV-C light kills all pathogens, so COVID 19 and other germs are instantly eliminated and fresh purified air is then expelled.

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Covid 19 Decontamination 

To help you deep clean your premises after an outbreak of COVID 19, Universal Clean has invested in fogging machines and OHAir portable disinfection units for the fast and safe decontamination of surface and airborne contaminants (including COVID 19) in indoor areas.

OHAir Mobile Decontamination

Our portable OHAir units rapidly kill airborne and surface contaminants including COVID 19 in small areas.  These portable units are perfect to decontaminate hotel rooms, classrooms and offices as they can treat up to 60 square metres of air in just 1 hour.   OHAir units use chemical-free Hydroxyl technology which is the same technology used by NASA to sanitise the air in the space shuttle.

Fogging Machines

Fogging machines are suitable for fast and effective large-scale COVID decontamination. Fogging machines mist large areas with Nanocyn- a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) approved, highly potent, non-toxic chemical designed to kill COVID 19 within 30 seconds of contact.  The mist particles kill all known pathogens on the surface and in the air.

As the fogging agent is non-toxic, it does not require the operator to use protective clothing and it is safe to use around hotel guests, so venues can be deep cleaned whilst still in operation.