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All Cleaners at Universal Clean work directly with the owner on all new contracts to ensure they understand the values of the business....
Universal Clean offer a deep clean toilet service. Research shows that one of the biggest put off’s for clients is dirty unhygienic toilets, which attract bad odours. What amazes me is how often I walk into toilets with this problem, grout on tiles can become enriched with dirt mainly as a result of dirty water from mopping, a deep scrub of the tiles usings specialist cleaning agents can magically restore the floor surface to a good condition, bad odours are often embedded in the floor drains and traps and tiled surfaces adjacent to urinals, again much of this can be rectified.
Universal clean use a number of machines when deep cleaning toilets. we will pressure clean the entire toilets, using disinfecting chemicals on the floor and tiled walls.  We will pressure clean and tile & grout clean the floor. We use hand held grout machines to get stuck into those tricky corners and also a scrubbing machine if needed.
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