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All Cleaners at Universal Clean work directly with the owner on all new contracts to ensure they understand the values of the business....

Unlike many other cleaning companies, we have made it our mission to become experienced in all areas of specialised floor and window cleaning so that if needed, commercial, industrial or residential customers can have us quote and complete the entire job, NOT SUB CONTRACT THE JOB OUT, meaning that extra love and care is taken to please our valued customers and clients.

We have a wide range of machinery designed for any job or floor and. We go that little bit further to ensure the job is done right by using vacuum cleaners that have beater brushes on that suck up not only the crumbs and dirt on the carpet surface but also the dust that has seeped through to the base of the carpet. This helps with allergies and asthma and also provides a better carpet steam clean.

 All of our cleaners are trained in only the best in chemicals to achieve the best results and have a good knowledge of hard floor cleaning and carpet spot cleaning. This means the cleaners will know when they need to use a more intense chemical and get the scrubbing brush out to give it a good and thurur clean instead of mopping dirty water around. They will also in many cases be able to treat stains in the carpet instead of you having to pay a call out fee of $120 for someone to come and treat one stain.

We work at any hours of the day or night to make it as convenient for you as we can and to get the best result we possibly can. So for those 24 hour gyms, retail outlets, and busy buildings, fear not, the magic can happen overnight and a floor can be regenerated by morning.

Some of the key aspects we put into place to assure the highest quality of work is substained:

Great communication skills
The business owner still works the contracts
Regular inspections
Extra experience
Better equipment
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